ZSM2021/3021 Monocular Single Tube Head Mounted Night Vision Device




Model ZSM2021 ZSM3021
Image intensifier level 2nd generation+/Super 2nd
Quasi third generation
Resolution (lp/mm) 48-65 65-72
Type of negative pole surface S25 Gallium arsenide
Signal-to-noise ratio (dB) 17-21 21-24
Optical sensitivity (microamperes/lumens) 550-650 1500-1800
The time between failures (hours) 10000 10000
Magnification rate 1X 1X
Field of view (degrees) 40 40
Visual adjustment range (diopter) -1 -1
Lens system F1.2, 25.8mm F1.2, 25.8mm
Objective adjustment range (m) ≥0.25 ≥0.25
Volume (mm) 142*73*55 142*73*55
Weight (g) 391 (700 including helmet) 391 (700 including helmet)
Power supply voltage 2.0-4.2 2.0-4.2
Battery type 1X CR123A lithium battery 1X CR123A lithium battery
Continuous working hours 80 (without infrared) / 40(turn on infrared) 80 (without infrared) / 40(turn on infrared)
Operating temperature range (℃) -60/+50 -60/+50
Protection grade IP67 (optional) IP67 (optional)

Functional Features

Applicable scope:

Able to complete night marching, close observation, and equipment control in dark environments. It can be worn on the head or helmet, or installed on other tools for outdoor shooting, and can also be used in conjunction with cameras or camcorders for night scene shooting.

Product features:

★ Equipped with visual adjustment function, meeting the wearing requirements of personnel with different vision; The helmet bracket can be freely adjusted, and can be adjusted left, right, high, and back according to user needs.

★ Compatible with goggles and gas mask.

★ High reliability, able to adapt to battlefield environments and withstand airborne drop environments.

★ Waterproof and dustproof up to IP67 level (optional).

★ Direction sensing automatic switch: When the device is not needed temporarily, you can press a button on the helmet to lift the device up to the top position and release it. At this time, the device will automatically turn off. When it is necessary to continue using, press the same button to lower the device to the observation position, and the device will automatically return to its working state.

★ Changing the objective lens can change the magnification, and can be equipped with 3x, 5x, or 6x lenses.

★ Optional with separate infrared intensifier.

★ Standby zero consumption: When not in use for a long time, there will be no power loss when the battery is placed in the battery compartment.

★ Battery cover spring embedded: It can better contact the battery and the spring is not easily damaged, making it easier to twist on the battery cover.

★ Multilayer coating standard: Ultra wide band multilayer antireflection film can inhibit the broadband reflection of the glass surface of the lens, reduce the light loss, make more light pass through the lens to obtain good observation effect, and has strong light protection function.

★ Automatic brightness adjustment: When the brightness of the surrounding environment changes, the brightness of the image we see from the night vision device remains unchanged, ensuring stable observation effect and protecting vision.

★ Low battery indicator: When the battery is low, the green indicator light at the edge of the green fluorescent screen can be observed flashing through the eyepiece.

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