About Zennison

We supply a wide range of outdoor gear for 20 years

We provide high-quality outdoor equipment & gear since 1999.

Zennison specializes in manufacturing sleeping bags, camping tents, bags, and shooting accessories as an outdoor camping supplier for over 20 years.
By choosing Zennison, you are choosing to work with a manufacturer that possesses a combined asset of expertise and quality.

What Zennison Owns


Modern Factory


Specialized Production Lines


Annual Sales


Skilled Workers

Camping Tents Workshop

Sportswear Production Lines

Bulletproof Helmets Integrated Lines

Finished Water Canteen Products

Water Bottle Aluminium

Tactical Vest Thread Cutting 

Outdoor Clothing Is Hanging Display

Outdoor Trousers Under Inspection By QC

Our Team

Meet Professionals

Market manager
9 years experience. Responsive and timely communication, providing prompt responses to customer inquiries.
Zennison - Mia
Product Expert
Her expertise can provide accurate and detailed information to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.
Customization Specialist
Customization specialists who excel in understanding and fulfilling the unique requirements of our customers.
Multilingual Sales
Proficient in multiple languages, enabling effective communication with customers from various regions.
Outdoor Solution Expert
Our team is experienced in providing affordable pricing options while ensuring that the quality of our products remains uncompromised.
Our founder has over 20 years of experience and has led the Zennison team in improving their professional abilities.

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Nanjing Zennison Outdoor Equipment Co, Ltd

Introduction of Zennison

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Quality Certificates​​​​​​​

ISO 9001 certificate

GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2005

business license

Business License

fabric test

500D Nylon Cordura Fabric Test


Nanjing Zennison Product Catalog

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Outdoor Retail Sports Wholesale Trade Shows

2017 Chinese Canton Fair

The fledgling Zennison participated in the Canton Fair in 2014, expecting little attention, but the result was unexpected. Zennison’s products were very popular and customers bought them directly.

Canton Fair

2018 Chinese Canton Fair

Greatly encouraged, Zennison continued to participate in the Canton Fair in 2015. This time, we made adequate preparation and a complete product line, looking forward to offline contact with customers. Mr. Charlie, whom we met that year, has worked with us until now.

Adventure sports Trade Shows

2019 American Adventure Sports Trade Show

As Zennison’s business grew, we had more and more foreign clients, and the largest group of clients was from the United States, so, we went to the United States. Where we are still popular, there are many customers from customer referrals.

Outdoor Retail Sports Wholesale Trade Shows

2022 American Outdoor Sports Wholesaler Trade Show

This year, we brought exquisite samples to our clients. Zoey, a police officer from Washington, D.C., acquired two of his favorite tactical vests. After learning of our 20-year military background, Zoey was very interested in working with us further.

IDEX 2023 - International Defence Exhibition & Conference

IDEX 2023 - International Defence Exhibition & Conference

We have customers from all over the world, not just in the United States, so this year we came to Dubai. Here we meet the head of procurement at ITA, Dubai’s largest military supplier, who says Zennison’s wares are particularly good for them.

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