History and background of Zennsion

Welcome to Zennsion Outdoor, your professional supplier of tactical shooting equipment! With 50 production lines, 80 advanced machines, 300 workers and a production scale of 300,000 units per year, we are proudly committed to the research and manufacture of shooting and tactical equipment for 20 years. At Zennsion Outdoor, we always guarantee on-time delivery and have won wide acclaim on the global market for our high-quality products.

Shooting Gear Wholesale

Browse through our products and you’ll find various types of shooting and tactical gear, including body armors, helmets, tactical clothing and more. We offer competitive wholesale prices and various benefits to ensure you get the most cost-effective products. Each product comes with high-quality pictures and detailed descriptions to help you understand its features and performance.

tactical vest

Learn about the production process at Zennsion, where we show you photos and videos of the production line. Our factory has advanced equipment, exquisite technology and efficient production capacity. 300 experienced workers ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. Quality control is at the heart of our factory and we will demonstrate our quality control standards and processes to ensure that every product is rigorously tested.

Why Choose Zennison


Professional Experience And Credibility

  • 20 Year Experience
  • Authentic Manufacturer
  • Factory Price
  • ISO9001:2015 & amfori BsCI verified Factory

Our 20 years of experience have made us an industry leader, earning the trust and praise of our customers worldwide. Zennsion stands out for its professionalism and reliability.

Tactical Gear One Stop Solution

Zennison Outdoor offers all types of bulletproof and tactical equipment, including body guards, helmets, tactical clothing and more. Our products cater to different needs, ensuring you can find all the tactical equipment you need in one place.

High Quality Products And Services

  • Free QC Inspection
  • Low MOQ
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • OEM & ODM Service

Every product is subject to strict quality control to ensure that it meets the highest standards. Our first-class customer service team is always on hand to support you and ensure your satisfaction throughout your wholesaling and collaboration.

Success Stories

Adhering to the “customer-centric, pursuit of the highest quality” principle, Zennison, a premier supplier and manufacturer of shooting gear, has consistently secured international tenders and gained favor among foreign military enterprises. With sixty percent of our products distributed worldwide annually, we stand as a leading enterprise integrating production, research, sales, and service. Additionally, we offer OEM services to overseas companies, fostering long-term and stable relationships with global military and police equipment self-defense dealers and customers.

We Keep You Informed of Production

We welcome you to explore Zennison’s modern manufacturing facilities and understand how we operate our products according to precise and high standards. You will also receive regular updates at each stage of the production process.

Step 1: Contact Us

Our dedicated production team ensures timely delivery of top-notch products, including bulletproof jackets, shields, helmets, inserts, and more, tailored to your exacting quality standards. Elevate your security solutions with Zennison—your trusted partner in advanced bulletproof gear. Reach out to us for inquiries, quotes, and customized orders. Your safety is our priority.


Step 2: Sampling (7-14 days)

Experience Zennison’s efficient sampling process, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to reality. In just 7-14 days, our dedicated team transforms your ideas into tangible prototypes. Benefit from our commitment to precision and quality, ensuring that your custom designs meet and exceed expectations. Elevate your product development with Zennison’s swift and reliable sampling services. Explore the possibilities – contact us to kickstart your vision today.


Step 3: Pay The Bill (within 1 day)

At Zennison, we prioritize your convenience and seamless transactions. After receiving your order, you can easily pay the bill within 1 day through various payment methods, including bank transfers, PayPal, and other secure options. Our commitment to efficiency extends to our payment process, ensuring a swift and hassle-free experience for our valued clients. Choose Zennison for prompt payments and a trustworthy partnership.


Step 4: Bulk Manufacturing (30-45 days)

At Zennison, precision meets production efficiency in the manufacturing of our cutting-edge shooting gear. Once you’ve finalized your design and approved the samples, our skilled team commences the bulk manufacturing phase. With state-of-the-art equipment and a commitment to excellence, we ensure each piece meets our stringent quality standards. Expect a seamless process, from raw materials to finished products, within a timeframe of 30-45 days. Elevate your shooting experience with Zennison’s top-tier gear, where innovation and craftsmanship converge.


Step 5: Shipping (10-15 days)

Congratulations! Your bespoke shooting gear from Zennison is ready to embark on its journey to you. In this final step, our dedicated logistics team takes charge, ensuring swift and secure shipping to your destination. Whether you’re equipping a tactical team or enhancing your personal shooting experience, we prioritize timely delivery. Expect your order to arrive within 10-15 days, carefully packaged and ready for action. Trust Zennison for a seamless process from creation to delivery, putting top-notch shooting gear in your hands. Elevate your performance – choose Zennison, where precision meets perfection.


Your Best Shooting Gear Supplier Choice.

As bullet proof armor supplier, we always providing excellent ballistic solution according to clients ballistic request. Ballistic material and layers will be customized based on weapon and bullet types. Supporting ballistic test in lab of China and other countries. It can be used by armed force, special force, police, SWAT, and other law enforcement. Special for large-scale turbulence, full body ballistic protection is very essential for wearers in danger.

Zennison can successfully solve some technical difficulties of bulletproof and anti-riot equipment, and designed corresponding production solutions for bidders, helping them win many government projects.

Welcome to Zennison, your ultimate destination for top-tier tactical shooting gear. As a renowned wholesale manufacturer, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge equipment designed for precision and performance. Elevate your shooting experience with our meticulously crafted products, including holsters, belts, and more. Our tactical shooting gear is meticulously engineered for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Benefit from our decades of expertise, ensuring that each piece meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or gearing up a team, Zennison’s wholesale offerings guarantee top-notch performance. Unleash your potential on the shooting range with our comprehensive range of gear, where innovation meets reliability. Trust Zennison for precision, durability, and the confidence to excel in every shot. Choose excellence, choose Zennison – your trusted partner in tactical shooting gear.

  • Accept trial order in small quantity
  • Full Experience in cost control and new items development
  • ISO9001:2015 & amfori BSCI verified Factory
  • lnhouse Qc &QA team for consistent quality control
  • Flexible lead time from 5 business days

Tactical accessories mainly include gun holsters, magazine covers, tactical goggles and other equipment or accessories that will be used in combat missions.

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Your best consultation object about tactical shooting equipment

Trust Zennison as your strategic partner, providing insights, recommendations, and personalized solutions for all your tactical shooting equipment requirements. Experience the pinnacle of expertise and service – consult with Zennison for unparalleled excellence in the world of tactical shooting.

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Our factory is equipped with the latest advancements in manufacturing technology. From precision CNC machining to advanced material testing, we leverage cutting-edge tools to ensure every piece of tactical gear meets the highest standards.

  1. Proven Legacy: With a rich history spanning 20+ years, Zennison brings a legacy of manufacturing excellence to the tactical shooting industry. Our time-tested practices and continuous innovation make us leaders in the field.
  2. Extensive Retail Network: Having collaborated with 100+ retailers and renowned brands, Zennison’s factory is a trusted partner in delivering top-tier tactical shooting equipment. Our products have earned acclaim from a diverse range of partners, attesting to their quality and reliability.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology: Our factory is equipped with the latest advancements in manufacturing technology. From precision CNC machining to advanced material testing, we leverage cutting-edge tools to ensure every piece of tactical gear meets the highest standards.
  4. Customization Expertise: Zennison takes pride in offering tailored solutions. Our factory excels in customization, allowing us to adapt designs, materials, and specifications to meet the unique requirements of our clients. This flexibility ensures satisfaction for every partner.
  5. Stringent Quality Control: At Zennison, quality is non-negotiable. Our factory operates under stringent quality control measures, adhering to international standards. Every product undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee optimal performance, durability, and safety.

Choose Zennison for tactical shooting equipment that epitomizes craftsmanship, reliability, and innovation. Our factory’s commitment to excellence ensures you receive products of unmatched quality and precision.

Are you looking for a professional manufacturer of tactical shooting equipment, or do you want to inquiry about professional answers? please contact us. We will give you professional feedback within 12 hours. You can rely on our full-service capabilities.

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