Hunting The Rut in Ag Country vs. The Big Woods

It doesn’t matter where you are hunting, to me, the rut is all about spending as much time in a tree as you can. Only have an hour after work? Hunt.

As hunting season approaches, many hunters are gearing up for the rut. One of the biggest considerations when planning a hunt is where to hunt. Two popular options are ag country and the big woods. Both have their benefits and drawbacks and in this blog post, we’ll discuss hunting the rut in ag country vs. the big woods and how our wholesale outdoor equipment company can help.

Hunting the Rut in Ag Country

Ag country can be a great option for hunting the rut, as the landscape is often more open and easier to navigate. The availability of food sources such as corn and soybeans also means that deer are more likely to be concentrated in certain areas. However, increased hunting pressure can make finding mature bucks more challenging.

When hunting the rut in ag country, it’s important to invest in gear that can help you blend in with the surroundings. Camouflage clothing and scent control products can help you stay invisible to deer while you move through open areas.

Hunting the Rut in The Big Woods

The big woods can offer a more challenging and rewarding hunt experience during the rut. Thick cover and steep terrain make it more difficult to navigate but also provide ample opportunities to sneak up on unsuspecting deer. Additionally, the lack of hunting pressure means that mature bucks are more likely to be found in these areas.

When hunting the rut in the big woods, it’s important to invest in hunting gear that can help you navigate the rugged terrain. Durable hunting boots with good traction and a quality backpack for carrying gear can be essential. Additionally, investing in a quality hunting stand or blind that allows you to comfortably wait for deer can be a game-changer.

No matter where you choose to hunt the rut, our wholesale outdoor equipment company can help. We offer a wide range of hunting gear, from camouflage clothing, scent control products, and hunting stands to backpacks, boots, and everything in between. Our products are designed to help you stay comfortable and focused during your hunt, so you can make the most out of your experience.

Contact our wholesale outdoor equipment company today to explore our selection of hunting gear. Let us help you prepare for your next hunting adventure, whether it’s in ag country or the big woods!